Day: February 5, 2018

sizzling hot

How Do You Win At Sizzling Hot?

What is the Sizzling Hot game?

Sizzling Hot slots is one of the most popular Novomatic games available online and offline. We’re happy about it in pubs, bars and casinos all over the world and it’s only natural that a player will be looking for a game on the internet. There are many casinos where you can play games for free without a Sizzling Hot slot.

Some of these casinos offer free Sizzling Hot games – but did you know that there is a different way to play these games for free? You can play a game without spending a penny … but you can also leave with a big win. Each player should use the casino welcome offer.

Sizzling Hot offers free spins!


The claim of free spins on this classic game from Novomatic cannot be easier. Just select your favourite casinos, register with a free account and that’s all. Free cash on your account to play the best favourite machines in the world. Some of the casinos offer a no-deposit bonus that you can use to play – others offer free spins and winnings – you can rotate the game to the heart.

Welcome bonus from Sizzling Hot

Trying to play for free is fun for sure – but the welcome bonus is even more enjoyable. And when there is a chance that you can indeed withdraw the balance from the beginning of registration for the casino – who would not say it? Although welcome bonuses on Novomatic machines are rare, some casinos will give free money to new players. Of course, it is worth remembering that every bonus requires a certain number of bets – the lead will check those T & C.

How do you win when playing Sizzling Hot?

sizzling hot deluxe

Sizzling Hot is the epitome of the classic slot game. There are no savages, no complicated bonus functions, no progressive jackpots – only 5 payday and distraction lines. Although this may seem very simple, it is a classic slot game at its best. We were all there, turning our favourite games and thinking: “what would we be able to enter the slots and turn our chances to our advantage?”. While we are waiting for someone who invented such a magic device or technique, we will be dealing with these Sizzling Hot Tricks to maximize your potential.

The main advantage to be won during Sizzling Hot is the use of an additional bonus feature, after each winning turn, you will get the chance to double the winnings up to five times. The game begins to face the card down and you have a choice of 50/50: red or black? Choose correctly and the winnings are instantly doubled.

Other ways to win in the Sizzling Hot slot

Now, for a big win, we recommend breaking the function. But for low value and equal bets – this is a great opportunity to double your money. First of all, there is a small risk, you will not be losing sleep for lost bets – the rewards can potentially be much larger.

Secondly, a low-value win is just a winner, why not change this small win into an average win? Gamble bonus will give you more opportunities to increase your bankroll, but it has a risk. Choosing the wrong colour card will result in the loss of all wins from this spin and wasted money.